6370807801_4b979a785a_zParamedics are the unsung heroes of the medical world. Often they are the bridge between life and death that many people use to cross to safety. When an emergency calls the first-responders are the paramedics. They come with a sense of duty, devotion and compassion that is unequaled in a time of need.

It takes a special person to become a paramedic. This article site is about the men and women who found a way to serve their community that is undeniably crucial to the needs of the people. Where would we be without these caring folks and their dedication?

Personally, on three separate occasions my family needed to call for emergency medical help. We lived in the foothills west of Denver, Colorado and not easy to find, but the paramedics showed up in minutes. Once they arrived, their calm confidence replaced the previously tense atmosphere with a sense of composer and peace of mind. Their no nonsense approach was precise. They followed obvious procedures, but appeared flexible to the unique circumstances that surrounded the needs of our family member.

The feeling of being in good hands at a time of vulnerability is priceless. Paramedics are not paid great sums of money, and they pull some crazy hours. Some work to get through school and move on to another field, others harbor a fervor and faithfulness to the venture and make it a lifetime career.

This site is dedicated to those courageous first-responders who give selflessly of themselves to strangers who they may meet just once. This site is here to give insights into the lives and responsibilities that come with the territory of being a paramedic.

I hope you enjoy the articles. I am always open to hearing your story – since most of us have had the dubious pleasure of seeing or needing the aid of a paramedic at some time in our lives. Always feel free to leave comments.

Be Well!