So You Want to Be a Paramedic?

498898732_6f73f14b81_zParamedics are highly trained professionals who work in hospitals clinics medical facilities government response teams please ambulance services fire departments etc. Many start out as volunteer firefighters at a local fire station with the title of PCF.

A PCF helps with everything from cleaning the equipment to helping with fundraisers to raise money for the station. A business fundraiser can attract many dayton ohio plumbers and other tradesman as well as local catering services to put on a good meal for locals. This is especially useful in helping them get together and profit per plate, along with making donations to help fund new equipment and gear for everyone.

PCF’s can quickly transition to paramedics as most of the basic training is the same, lowering total time it takes to finish schooling and get certified. Another advantage to starting as firefighter is usually the agency the were originally employed with will oftentimes offer a scholarship or funding option to those wishing to continue their career to paramedic. Check with your local fire station about internship programs they might be offering.

Duties expected of paramedics range extensively from emergency diagnosis to transporting patients to a hospital or emergency care facility. They have training in the field of medicine on administration and operating medical equipment such as defibrillator, resuscitator, and many other emergency respondent equipment. EMTs are required to make quick decisions involving life or death situations.

Many many lives have been saved from desperate situations involving car accidents machinery accidents and natural disasters just to name a few. The first responders job description goes past administrative help on the scene. Transporting the patient is another extremely important task that requires high concentration and fast decisions when a life is in peril.

A paramedic generally is a very clearheaded individual with above average communication skills for verbally communicating with the patient and calming family members and friends present. It is for this reason that paramedics work in teams usually with a driver and several assisting with the taking of vitals and IV. Paramedics are also required to record all details of aid and medicine administered to patient. This is vital to helping the doctors at the hospital make fast and sure decisions on the status of the patient upon arrival.

Paramedic schooling generally costs from $5000-$20,000. Many scholarship programs are offered through rescue squads, or local fire department. Pre-screening is generally a procedure in selecting students for scholarship programs in most states.

Some personalities simply do not work well in stressful situations regarding fellow paramedics and patients teamwork and leadership is also a huge advantage in an emergency responder atmosphere. Situations can become stressful quickly when there are emotional and communication barriers between coworkers.

Risking the lives of patients unnecessarily. emergency situations should be dealt with in a very calm yet fast manner as to not alone patients. A paramedic is responsible fully for each drug administration to every patient. A lot of responsibility goes with being an EMT and the job is not for everyone.

According to the median wage for a paramedic is $46,000 annual income. Many rescue squads offer training and internship programs that offset tuition costs and guarantee a job after schooling.


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