Paramedics – Worth Their Weight In Gold


Early this morning I was rattled out of my bed by someone pounding at my door. The first knock I ignored not knowing there was an emergency, and blaming the commotion on an overly exuberant Fed Ex guy delivering my dog’s meds. When the second round of knocking came I jumped out of bed and headed for the door. “My daughter, Kerry needs help, can you come help?” I bolted across the shared terrace and found my new neighbor in distress. I called 911.

Within a few minutes it was like several stretch limousines full of paramedics arrived. I counted six coming up the stairs and filing into the apartment. As I showed them to the bedroom they split off to do different jobs. One came with me and Kerry’s Mom to ask medical questions that their patient couldn’t answer for herself, and the others checked vitals and summarized the situation.

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