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A good study guide for the NREMT paramedic certification can serve as a great tool to help you pass the the written exam .

These books contain model exams and detailed subject reviews covering airway and breathing, medical emergencies, trauma, cardiology, etc.

Barron’s study guides are quite popular in this regard. Besides, you can try online tests from sites like FISDAPJB learningEMS and


Study Guides For Paramedic Students

SUCCESS! For The Paramedic (4th Edition)

This newly revised paramedic book by Richard A. Cherry has over 1900 questions. It is meant to prepare candidates for the National Registry as well state certificate exams for paramedics. It is in accordance with the U.S. DOT 1999 National Standard Curriculum.

Paramedic study guide

The author is Clinical Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and Technical Director for Medical Simulation at Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, New York.

Moreover, he has also authored various books for Brady. You can get this book from Amazon or Barnes & Noble costing $22.41 and $23.18 respectively.

Reviews for SUCCESS! For The Paramedic (4th Edition)

Review by Garyn Gorup

I bought many different guides for taking the NREMT-P. Let me be completely honest with you and tell you that the absolute best study guide is the one you have in your bag… Yes, I’m talking about your medic bible. There’s not a magical study guide (that I know of at least).
In my mind, theres 2 steps to passing the NREMT-P
Step #1 – Read your medic bible through 3 or 4 times.
Step #2 – Step #2 makes Step #1 easier. BUY THIS BOOK. Read it, test yourself, read it more, read your book, take notes, test yourself again, read your book… Yes, you’ll probably hate your life while you are doing it but it is worth it in the end. I used this study guide as a way to challenge myself to read. I tested myself on a section, checked my answers, read in the back of the study guide why the answers were correct, and then looked up the ones I missed in the bible and read more about the topic.
I took the test in late 2008 for the first time and it stopped me at question #72 (the earlier is stops you, the better OR worse you did) and I passed. I truly thought that the questions on the NREMT-P were easier than the majority of the questions in the study guide. Your hard work will pay off! Just stay focused!
Good luck to you!

Review by B. Tubek “Paramedic Guy” from Farmington, Michigan

This book is fantastic in all respects. It goes hand in hand with the book Mr. Cherry wrote to teach the paramedic class as well citing page numbers, and sources along the way. It helped me pass my paramedic class, earn certification as well as my state lisc. as a proud EMT-Paramedic.

You can read more reviews about this study guide for paramedic exam at Amazon.


Barron’s Paramedic Exam Book with CD-ROM

Paramedic study guides

This test preparation book by Mark Marchetta comprehensively prepares one for qualifying the NREMT paramedic certification exam.

The book and CD contain three full-length model exams and their answer keys. You can find this study guide for EMT paramedic exam at Barnes & Noble and Amazon at a price of $13.31 instead of $24.99.

Besides, you can try Barron’s How to prepare for the EMT Paramedic Exam book by the same author. It is also available at Amazon and shall cost $15.

Reviews for Barron’s Paramedic Exam

Review by Gino D.

This text was an excellent review of what I see working as a paramedic in an urban setting in New Jersey. I utilized it for review of the NREMT-P which I had let lapse several years ago (bad idea on my part). What I noticed, however, was the actual questions on the test were different compared to the type of questions presented in this book. I went through every chapter in this book and completed both CD tests as well and scored in the mid 90% each time. The NREMT exam asked questions relating to very specific OB-GYN, MCI, Trauma and medication classifications that I didn’t see in this text. My advice to the Medic/Medic student is utilize this book and regarding the areas of care that are not commonly seen in your service region and expand on those with other quality resources. I passed first time at 80 questions so I am not complaining. Excellent text…utilize to identify weak areas and then expand on each area beyond this text. Good luck!

Review by MN Medic

This is a decent review book but it has many mistakes and needs to be updated. Most of the CPR rates are not up to date.

Review by Dan from Georgia

I used this book about 1 week before my NREMT-P test. The book is divided into sections as is registry. I passed the first time. No book can simulate national registry due to the the computer test adjusting to your answers, but this book helped me prepare. I would encourage this purchase

Read further reviews about this book at

Here’s a video demonstrating how to secure a patient to a long spine board as per NREMT guidelines.


Mosby’s Paramedic Refresher and Review – Revised Reprint: A Case Studies Approach

Paramedic study guide

This study guide with scenario based overviews is highly beneficial for paramedic refresher and certification preparation and review.

Plus, it works as an efficient guide for those who are taking the National Registry paramedic exam for the first time. It is authored by Alice Twink Dalton, Richard Allen Walker.

It offers a unique case-based approach and features basic concepts of patient assessment and treatment. The book is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble at a price of $26.33.

Reviews for Mosby’s Paramedic Refresher and Review – Revised Reprint: A Case Studies Approach

Review by Mike Schneck for Chicago, IL

This is an excellent refresher/review for Paramedics. I like it especially since it teaches/refreshes by giving about 50 patient scenarios. You get to do the assessment, then flip the page and see how well you have done. What is also cool is that the book provides a follow-up paragraph that describes the final outcome for the patient.

Review by Heather M. Shannon “mtnkid4evr” from San Francisco, CA USA

I used this book as a way to prepare for the NREMT-P exam. In particular I found it especially helpful to use with a study partner for developing practice Oral Board Scenario Questions. Then we didn’t have to worry about developing physiologically sound scenarios..all the background work is done and even an EKG strip is included for each scenario. It is also super useful for solo studying. About the only thing that I think could make it better was if it included a bonus CD-ROM with even more interactive scenarios.

You will find further reviews for this paramedic study guide at


EMT-Paramedic Interactive Flashcards Book (REA)

Paramedic study guide

REA’s Interactive Flashcard book for EMT paramedic exam helps prepare students for the NREMT certification by providing them a quick and convenient way to practice answering questions.

It includes more than 350 crucial questions covering all official test categories like airway & breathing, cardiology, obstetrics, pediatrics, trauma, and so on. It is authored by Jeffrey Lindsey.

This Premium Edition also comes with a CD containing four timed quizzes. You can find this book at Amazon at a price of $9.58 instead of $15.95. At Barnes & Noble, it shall cost $10.89.

Reviews for EMT-Paramedic Interactive Flashcards Book (REA)

Review by Les Gean Burns from Waxhaw, North Carolina

I have purchased several books to review and prepare for national paramedic certification. This is, without a doubt, the best one of the lot. It is quick and easy to use, comprehensive and up to date.

Review by rls from st. louis, mo

I just finished this book in less than 2 hours. The questions are basic and require little thought because 3 of the 4 available answers are quite obviously wrong. It covers some of the most fundamental theories of Paramedicine but that is about it. I believe that this book would be drastically insufficient to include in a study buildup for NREMT exams. I will be returning this book and will apply the $10 to a book that will further my knowledge.

Review by Jonny S from Omaha, NE

I bought SUCCESS! for the Paramedic (4th Edition) and EMT-Paramedic Interactive Flashcards Book (REA) (Flash Card Books) to help study for the paramedic written examination. I found both very beneficial to aiding me pass (1st time with around 80 questions [less is better if you pass]) for the written exam.
Overall I would have to say that EMT-Paramedic Interactive Flashcards Book represents an easier version of the actual written examination test itself. The actual test is MUCH harder, but if you are struggling with concepts from this book’s, consider those questions general areas of review you need to study. The questions have a more slightly global aspect approach and offer great explanations and rationale for each question. With only 350 questions it’s a great easy review aid prior to taking the actual written examination, but may be to brief of a review if one is serious lacking in a given area.

Read further reviews on this EMT Paramedic exam study guide at Amazon.



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