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Paramedic schools are meant to train you in paramedicine to prepare you for this challenging and fast-paced career. Most colleges offer paramedic training programs at the associate degree level.

These courses provide knowledge and skills required to carry out emergency pre-hospital medical care beyond the EMT- Basic level.

Thus, paramedic education emphasizes on advanced life support, drug administration, operation of special emergency equipments, and so on. In addition, clinical and field experience is also necessary.

 Paramedics at work

More often than not, colleges and universities have certain entry requirements for different programs. They take GPA points into consideration and conduct their own entrance tests and interviews for selecting suitable candidates.

However, paramedic certification guidelines laid down by the National Registry are same for all the states that follow NREMT licensure. Paramedic career has great potential for the future.

In fact, according to the United States Department of Labor, the job market for EMS professionals is likely to grow by 2018.

Moreover, those interested in more adventurous jobs, can go on to become firefighter/paramedics, flight medics, oil rig paramedics, etc.


Best Universities and Colleges Offering Paramedic Programs

Here’s a video about paramedic education at Pennsylvania College of Technology.

Apart from the colleges, a number of research hospitals and technical institutes offer other certifications like Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, etc. that a paramedic is often required to hold along with the A.A.S (Associate in Applied Science) degree.



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